Aluminium Venetian Blinds

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Aluminium venetian blinds are the perfect blind for creating a modern and uncluttered effect in your home. Ideal for creating a sleek, modern look, the versatility of venetians makes them a popular choice. Simple-to-use controls make them ideal for filtering or greatly reducing external light.

Three different slat sizes are available, ranging from the traditional 50mm slats to the midsized 35mm and slim-line 25mm. Both 25mm and 35mm slats are decorative and functional allowing for the perfect control of sunlight.

Our 50mm aluminium blinds are reminiscent of the original venetian blinds, a timeless look that never goes out of style. Venetian blinds are perfect for creating the clean, uncluttered look desired in so many contemporary interiors.

The Shademaster venetian blind collection provides many options for creating a decorative solution from minimal white and pastels to metallics and perforated slats as well as the sought after Designer range of upmarket printed slats. Venetians remain extremely functional in terms of shading and privacy. They offer an affordable and flexible option for covering either very small or large windows, and are easily operated to allow different degrees of light control.

Our company uses high quality imported aluminium venetian parts to provide the most precise control of heat and light available in a window covering. Versatility is the key attribute of the venetian blind, combining simplicity with elegance. Venetian blinds complement all the moods of your home or office. Both 35mm and 50mm venetian blinds are always manufactured with a tilt cord, and not a tilt wand as found on our 25mm blinds.

The 35mm and 50mm D├ęcor ranges are manufactured with a colour coordinated wood valance and bottom rail together with wooden tassels, adding a touch of class to the final product.

Aluminium venetian blinds can also be retained by side guide wires to prevent them moving in the draught from an open window.