External Screen Roller Blinds


External Screen Roller blinds are ideal for providing protection from the harsh South African sun.

Our blinds are manufactured using the highest quality components, including marine-grade aluminium and stainless steel. External Screens provide a practical way of managing the sun’s heat and light while maintaining a minimalist look on the inside of the home.

Designed to control the entry of natural light, heat and sun radiation from the outside, External Screens allow you to extend outdoor living areas while maximising the advantages of glass and view from the inside.

Diffused glare free, evenly distributed natural light is still admitted, with damaging ultraviolet rays filtered to prevent fixtures, fittings and furnishings from fading. Outward vision is maintained, but with privacy provided from overlooking buildings and passers-by.

Protect your home from the sun using an external screen roller blind.

Keeps out the sun, lets in the view.