Dual Roller Blinds

Get light when you want light, and dark when you don’t!

Dual rollers allow two individual blinds to sit one behind the other in the same opening, giving you twice the control over your light and views. The benefits of two roller blinds are combined on one bracket – one screen or translucent blind, the other a block-out blind for total light control. Each blind is controlled separately, with its own mechanism. Enjoy the flexibility of soft diffused light during the day, partial block-out, or full block-out for complete privacy and darkness.

Dual roller blinds are extremely versatile and are available in multiple materials and colours. Each fabric has a unique purpose, offering different degrees of light filtering and insulation. The block-out layer functions as the insulation layer and is great for keeping the temperature in your home at a comfortable level during the winter and summer months. A screen fabric layer allows light to filter into your home during the day, while also offering privacy. They are specially designed to provide relief from the heat, while being translucent enough to allow you to see through the fabric.

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