Wood Venetian Blinds


Nothing beats the natural look. Wood Venetian Blinds are designed for a contemporary or modern look, from elegant to executive. They bring the warmth and beauty of natural timber to your windows and are both cosy and inviting.  Each wood blind is made to measure using only the finest quality wood slats, either 50mm or 35mm, with a colour coordinated head rail and valance. The reliable, heavy-duty head rail system allows for smooth operation and secure locking. This enables the venetian blind to be tilted, raised, and lowered hassle free. A mitred valance is available for those blinds fitted outside the recess, where the return is designed to conceal the ends of the head rail. This ensures that the blind is perfectly finished down to the very last detail.

Being ideal for those who wish to coordinate the window dressing with their furniture and woodwork, a wide variety of colours are available to give a contemporary and modern look. As wood venetian blinds are genuine timber products there will be some variation in colour and grain texture over the area of the blind.  This is an important part of the character and beauty of the natural product. They are a timeless classic that never seem to go out of style.

One of the main benefits of installing Wood Venetian Blinds in your home is that wood is an insulator, creating a natural barrier between the window and the interior of the room. In the summer, less heat will enter your home and during the winter, less heat will escape. Wood blinds will also reduce noise, which is helpful if your residential area is on the louder side.


Similar in appearance to the Wood Venetian, Bamboo Venetian Blinds are well suited to the modern home. They soften our living spaces, introduce colour and texture, while filtering natural light.

Besides being sustainable, bamboo is an ideal option for blinds. It is a strong material with a lengthy life span. Lightweight, durable, and versatile, this natural material makes an excellent window covering.

Some bamboo facts:

  • Bamboo has a natural antibacterial property
  • Bamboo regenerates from its roots, so no replanting is necessary
  • Fast growing, bamboo can reach full size in less than six months. Harvested annually, a plethora of sustainably material becomes available
  • Bamboo is strong and versatile.


Manufactured from a durable, synthetic polystyrene compound, Dreamwood Blinds have a textured finish and are ideally suited for areas having a high humidity such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundries as well as being widely used as a bedroom, family, lounge, or dining room blind. The slats are resistant to cracking, warping, or allowing light to penetrate. For areas where mildew, moisture, humidity could damage real wood blinds made from hardwood, Dreamwood Blinds are an ideal alternative. Maintenance is another advantage. You can clean them just by dry dusting or using a damp cloth. These are also an ideal window treatment for you if you have children at home. Stains and marks left on them by your children are often easily wiped off.


Available in four colours, it is hard to better a polymer wood look-alike blind in a 50mm slat width. Polystyrene based slat products have been well proven over a long time to have amongst the best performance in South African conditions, including regarding thermal stability.


Ideal for the kitchen, bathroom or laundry, our PVC venetian blinds with 50mm slats are the window solution for high-activity areas in your home. Minimal maintenance, but still with that elegant venetian look, these are your choice if you seek versatility and longevity.

If the bathroom gets hot and steamy maybe PVC blinds are the best choice. Or the kids splash up a storm doing dishes perhaps a PVC blind is best here too? You can get PVC blinds as wet as you like, wipe them down, and most things you splatter on them will wipe straight off. Even though these blinds are durable, care should be taken with any blind product. Like all venetians, PVC blinds make controlling the direction and intensity of light as easy as adjusting the tilt cords. You control your privacy the same way; just tweak that tilt cord how you like and set the feel of any room. Synthetic venetian blinds are the practical affordable alternative to timber venetians.

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