Blind Fabrics


Smart Screen offers a superb combination of sun protection with daytime privacy, allowing you to enjoy the outside view while filtering the sun’s rays. Due to their open and uniform weave, Smart Screen provides good outward visibility. Dark colours give a better view, while light colours offer more efficient heat protection. The fabric is also very efficient at filtering visible light and UV rays, thus increasing interior comfort and reducing glare and reflections on televisions and computer screens. Excellent protection is also provided against the fading of furniture and flooring. Using a mesh type weave, Smart Screen filters the sun’s heat which in turn saves energy, reduces air conditioning costs, and improves interior comfort by maintaining lower temperatures.


Block-out Kleenscreen offers long lasting fabric protection. Sanitized® Protection inhibits the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew on the fabric. This unique antimicrobial hygiene treatment enhances the functionality and performance of the screen roller blinds for comfort and peace of mind. It is suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

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Block-out fabrics are designed to prevent as much light as possible from entering a room, making them the ultimate solution for privacy and light control. The wide range of fabrics provides an ideal solution for most light control requirements such as inbedrooms and television rooms where maximum darkness is a prerequisite. Block-out fabrics provides the maximum efficiency for blocking visible light and UV rays, thus increasing interior comfort, and eliminating glare and reflections on television screens and computer monitors. During the day block-out fabrics also repel much of the sun’s heat thereby lowering interior temperatures.


Translucent fabrics filter soft light into a room while providing privacy from the outside. Fabrics are available in a wide variety of colours and fabric types to suit your individual needs. These fabrics also provide good light and UV protection, thus increasing interior comfort and reducing glare. They also provide excellent protection against fading of furniture and floor coverings.

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